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The First YUI Grids CSS with WordPress 2014 Teheme

After sometime I did was not involved in writing theme based on YAHOO YUI CSS Grids, primarily due to my theme developer Justin Tadlock with Hybrid Theme stopped updating it, and I need time to find out other theme frameworks.

Two days ago, I tried using Default WP Themes, 2014, 2016, and so on, and I found that TwentyFourthen WordPress theme is the easiest to talk to YAHOO UI CSS grids.

We will display more things on the sidebars, meanwhile I will continue develop offline and online particularly in adding widgets into the original widgets belongs to TwentyTwenty.

Now I am using this them.


Hello world! Hello Melanesia! Hello WANTOKS!

This blog is just to tell you that this number: 

12:28 and 14:48 was angelic number presented by an angel in my dream, when I was in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

This angel told me repeatedly, “I repeat again, please remember, 12:48 and 14:48, please write it down.”

I woke up and wrote down, and slept, and the angel came back and told me, “It is good that you have written the numbers.

The safest place to reside – Dome Homes

Pacific Ocean domes are distinct from other housing structures, 100-millimeter walls and floors and entirely made of concrete to ensure maximum safety.

Daryll Kelly shares that the idea for these structures had come to him after Cyclone Pam had devastated Vanuatu. Many people were left without houses by the cyclone. Being within his nature, Mr. Kelly had wanted to help.

“With much research I found that these dome structures are the most sturdy and safe structures there is. I have spent 7 years working on these domes,” he says.

The Pacific Ocean Domes structures are built ideally for Vanuatu and other Pacific countries.

“These countries are on the Ring of Fire and naturally face a lot of natural disasters,” says Mr. Kelly.

“These buildings are made to withstand all these natural disasters. The entire building is made of concrete with 100mm walls and floors with 55mm ceilings.”

The structures are distinct as they use basalt rods instead of iron rods to build the house. The shape allows the house to withstand earthquakes and cyclones. Because the house is made of concrete, termites and fire damage is not a problem, using the basalt rods ensures the house does not suffer from cracking in the concrete.

Kelly states that it had taken a long time for his building to be accepted as disaster shelters which was what they were originally meant to be.

“I would like to build domes like this in other islands in Vanuatu as well, in schools and other pacific countries. With the government’s help I can do this; the result is the security of people in times of Natural disasters,” he says.

The VT5 million structures can hold up to 200 people in times of emergency. There are 5 domes in Mr. Kelly’s compound. He explains that each was built by professionals that trained many locals who worked on building the domes. He believes that teaching people and equipping them with the necessary skills will go a long way towards helping Vanuatu’s economy.

Mr. Kelly has a long history of helping people in his lifetime. From a taxi driver who saved the life of a young man fleeing from an attacker and being named Taxi driver of the year to dedicating his life to ensure maximum safety housing in Vanuatu and a passionate driven man.

“I am passionate about this. I am 79-year-old man that sees the benefits of these domes and how they can help keep people safe. I want to do as much as I can about that,” he concludes.

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